Sunday 11 August 2013

The puzzle authors

As discussed in the Introduction, puzzles for World Puzzle Championship 2013 will be provided by a team of puzzle authors from Hungary, led by Gyorgy Istvan and Zoltan Nemeth.

Most of these guys will likely be familiar in WPC circles, having taken part in multiple WPCs before and being on the arranging squad for both Eger events in 2005 and 2011, but here's a quick introduction anyway, at least on the core team. (Not all puzzles are created by this core team, partly because we have some additional helping hands around us, and partly because of "Around the world in 80 puzzles")

So the names are, in no particular ordering:

Gyorgy Istvan - member of WPF Board, president of Hungarian Puzzlers' Association, silver medalist of WPC 1995, probably the only person in the world now into hosting his 4th WPC

Pal Madarassy - World Puzzle Champion of 2007, a heavy advocate of "think outside the box" type puzzles (remember "Evergreens" from 2011?)

Zoltan Horvath - our standard WPC team member, finishing 4th twice in Croatia (2004 and 2012), making the playoffs on numerous other occasions. Prolific puzzle designer as well

Zoltan Gyimesi - an international chess grandmaster whose side-track hobby called puzzling is also at an acceptable level (5th place at WPC 2005)

Gyula Slenker - our secret wildcard who never enters a WPC but is an excellent source of great puzzles

Zoltan Nemeth - team member in multiple WPCs, one of the key organising staff and puzzle designer in both Eger years, similar role this year

Unfortunately, we could not find a suitable photo with all people above on it, but aside from Gyula, the other five people have made regular WPC teams so let's split 5+1 like that:

Team Hungary at WPC 2010, Poland. From left to right: Pal, Zoltan Gy, Gyorgy, Zoltan H and Zoltan N

And this is Gyula, actually cheering for Team Hungary (although not at the WPC, not even in 2010).

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